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Soon I began calling myself a “quiet Catholic,” one who stopped attending Mass and rarely told anyone my religious background as a gay man.  After all, how could I belong to a church that blamed members of our gay community for [the sexual abuse] crisis?

I attended my first Dignity/Boston liturgy about six years ago, in summer 2004. My first thought after walking in and witnessing a lay led service was “wow, this place is like post-Vatican III!”

Dignity/Boston and DignityUSA are definitely places I am comfortable calling my spiritual home—places where my whole self is celebrated. My sexual orientation is not feared or questioned and I can worship God without fear of persecution and homophobia. Dignity has renewed my faith and I truly believe my story is one that can be shared by many.

Excerpts from Victor Postemski's article
"Renewed Faith through DignityUSA"


" . . . who knows what God wants from women?  Obviously, only women can discern what God is asking of them.  The task of authority in the evolving Church of the Holy Spirit is to enter into dialogue with its women members and discern carefully what God is saying to the Church through its female members.

" . .. who knows what God wants from the lesbian and gay members of the Church?  Obviously, only the lesbians and gays!  No one can tell us from outside what God wants of us. We are alone in knowing with an experiential knowledge that our love for each other contains the divine spirit and brings with it the kind of peace and joy that indicates the presence of the Holy Spirit."

John J. McNeill
in "Reforming the Roman Catholic Church"


The rise of the feminist liberation movement in recent years gives gay people a reason to hope that GLBT people will be fully accepted in the future human community. At the heart of all homophobia is feminaphobia and the repression of the feminine. Gay men are seen as a threat to patriarchy because they are frequently in touch with and act in accord with the feminine dimension of themselves. It is clear that feminine and gay liberation are so intimately linked that gays should give full support to women’s liberation and vice versa.

Fr. John J. McNeill
in "Misogyny and Homophobia"

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