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1st Quarter 2012 - Quarterly Voice

"For the vast majority of Catholics, the social justice teachings of the church trump the conservative and institutional inertia of the Vatican and its hierarchy . . . Indeed, 63% of Catholics in this country support marriage equality, a rate that is 10% higher than that of the general public. Catholics will no more heed official Archdiocesan opposition to marriage equality than they do the church's head-in-the-sand proscription against birth control."

Leo N. Egashira, Publications Committee Chair
quoted in "Catholics and Marriage Equality"

Quarterly Voice File: 

Content Highlights: 

  • A Season of Amazing Social and Political Activism among Progressive Catholics and DignityUSA Members
  • Washington Governor Christine Gregoire’s Marriage Equality Speech
  • Speaking Truth To Power: A Prophetic Witness [Marriage Equality Testimony in Maryland]
  • Minnesota Bombarded by Bishops’ Rabid Anti-Gay Rhetoric; Catholics for Marriage Equality-MN Fights Back
  • American Catholics and Marriage Equality, by Shawn Knittel, Seattle Gay News
  • Mass Uprising, by Dominic Holden, The Stranger
  • The Abstinence of Courage Comes to Connecticut, by Chuck Colbert, The Rainbow Times
  • Dignity/Chicago Responds to Cardinal George’s Statement Comparing the LGBT Community to the KKK
  • Challenging the Bishops on "Religious Liberty" Claims
  • Lesbian Denied Communion at Mother’s Funeral
  • DignityUSA Stands Behind Music Teacher/Music Director Fired for Planning Same Sex Wedding