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Worship & Liturgy at DignityUSA

Welcome to the home page of the DignityUSA Committee on Worship & Liturgy. This website has been established to provide Dignity Chapters with a resource of information on all matters concerning Worship & Liturgy. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

DignityUSA Committee on Worship & Liturgy provides liturgical information, resources, training, and opportunities to nourish, sustain, and empower the spiritual lives of those in Dignity faith communities. Dignity is a spirit filled community recognized for outstanding quality liturgies that nourish and sustain its members to live the Gospel admonition to feed the hungry, comfort the afflicted, clothe the naked, visit the prisoner, support the grieving and lonely. Worship is varied and cutting edge providing an environment for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender members, their family and friends to grow in Christ Jesus and give witness to other Catholics, Christians, and people from other faiths.

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