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Sample Bylaws for DignityAnytown


The name of this organization shall be DignityAnytown, hereafter referred to as the chapter.


A. The purpose and function of this chapter shall be to work to achieve those goals outlined in the Statement of Position and Purpose of Dignity Inc. (known as DignityUSA) incorporated as part of these bylaws by this reference.

B. The organization may additionally undertake other purposes that do not contradict the above-mentioned statement.


A. The chapter shall be governed by the following officers:

1. President

2. Vice-President

3. Secretary

4. Treasurer

B. Term of office for the above officers shall be one year and shall be served from the first of October to the thirtieth of September.

C. Rules for governance shall be as outlined in Robert's Rules of Order to the extent these rules do not contradict the bylaws of Dignity USA.

D. Elections of Officers shall be held annually during the month of September.

E. Officers shall be responsible for the levying of dues, appointing committees deemed necessary, fulfilling the purposes of the chapter and facilitating such other activities as may be necessary

F. Officers may be removed from office for cause by two-thirds majority vote of the members in attendance at a regularly scheduled membership meeting.


B. Each member in good standing is eligible to vote in all elections of officers and shall have the obligation of casting votes at meetings of the general membership.


A. Meetings of the officers shall be held at least once per month for the purpose of conducting the ongoing business of the chapter.

B. Additional meetings of the officers may be held as called by the President, or by two other officers, on deliverance of a one (1) week notice to the other officers.

C. Meetings of the general membership shall be held at least semiannually. The dates of the membership meetings shall be announced at regular intervals beginning at least two (2) months before the meeting dates. A quorum of members shall be required to conduct business.

D. One of the meetings of the general membership shall coincide with the date of the election of officers in September

E. All meetings of the chapter shall be open to all that wish to attend, regardless of membership status. Only officers may vote at officers meetings and only members in good standing may vote at general membership meetings.

F. Anyone in attendance at a meeting shall be given the right to speak. Priority of speaking shall be given first to those eligible to vote.

G. All meetings shall be conducted in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order.


These bylaws shall be effective on the day DignityAnytown is charted as a chapter of DignityUSA. These bylaws will be executed by the provisional officers of the chapter, and will continue in effect until modified, altered, replaced or rescinded by a two-thirds vote of the membership at a regularly scheduled meeting of the general membership.


President______________________________________________ Date_________________

Vice-President__________________________________________ Date_________________

Secretary______________________________________________ Date_________________

Treasurer______________________________________________ Date_________________