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Queer Catholic Faith back by popular demand!

Solidly enjoyed by Dignity members and non-members earlier this year, QCF returns this October for a second season of monthly webshows.

What is QCF? Live web-interviews with featured guests, with real-time questions and conversation from attendees, all from the comfort of our homes and computer screens.

QCF explores with guests in an intimate way often not experienced in the conference room. Guests’ spirituality, faith and prophetic witness are among the topics probed.

We’re thrilled to start the new season by welcoming Casey and Mary Ellen Lopata and their son Jim to the screen. The Lopata parents founded “Fortunate Families”, a ministry we think is one of Catholicism’s best kept secrets. Fortunate Families brings parents together to support and empower them to advocate for justice for their LGBT daughters and sons. The Lopatas’ son Jim, who is gay, has made his own journey of faith in ways that intersect and diverge from his parents’ prophetic call. Tune in and get to know this fortunate family with us!

Queer Catholic Faith w/ guests Mary Ellen and Casey Lopata and son Jim Tuesday, October 23, 2012 9:00PM Eastern To Register: http://www.instantpresenter.com/WebConference/Default.aspx?ip_ek=dignity...

Our 2012-2013 QCF Schedule* (through March 2013)

October 23 Fortunate Families founders Casey and Mary Ellen Lopata, joined by their gay son, Jim. One of the best kept secrets in the Catholic church, this profound ministry to Catholic parents and families. Register
November 20 Sr. Maureen Fiedler, SL: host of the recent radio series “Gay in the Eyes of God” as part of her syndicated “Interfaith Voices”. Register
December 18 Sr. Jeannine Gramick: co-founder of New Ways Ministry Register
January 29 Victor Postemski, DignityUSA board member and Young Adult Caucus member: Young, gay and Catholic. Huh? Register
February 26 Fr. Bob Pierson: Courageous, outspoken priest. Will explore how the church can make good on its teaching to “show respect, compassion and sensitivity” to LGBT persons. Register
March 19 Delfin Bautista: Dignity/Miami member, TransCaucus member. Delfin will be joined by his mom, and together will share their journeys since Delfin came out as trans. Register

*All shows go live at 9:00PM Eastern

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