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DignityUSA Passes Resolution on Same-Sex Marriage

The following resolution was passed unanimously by the Board of Directors, DignityUSA during their meeting in Las Vegas, Aug 5-6. The resolution was presented to all assembled at the membership meeting during the 16th DignityUSA biannual convention (Aug 7-10) and received an ovation by all:

August 2003

Whereas DignityUSA believes that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people have the right to full expression of their sexuality in ways that are consistent with Catholic/Christian values, including the right to enter into committed relationships; AND

Whereas DignityUSA is the only national Catholic organization that sustains a multi-faceted program of support for same-sex couples, including the blessing of their commitments; AND

Whereas the legal and spiritual recognition of same-sex couples is being debated by many legislative bodies and churches; AND

Whereas we know that civil marriage bestows important rights, protections and duties to the partners and their families and that religious affirmation of a couple's commitment honors the sacredness of their covenant;

Therefore be it resolved that DignityUSA declares the following position on same-sex marriage:

As Americans, we remind our fellow citizens of a foundational principle of our form of government: all are created equal. Consistent with the pursuit of liberty and justice for all, same-sex couples should have full and equal access to the rights and responsibilities bestowed by civil marriage.

As Catholics, we remind our Church of a foundational conviction of our faith: God is love and all that abide in love abide in God and God in them. The love that brings and binds two people of the same, or opposite sex, together has a divine source. It is therefore sacramental in nature and should be celebrated as such by our Church.



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