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Jim Green's Thank Yous - Read at his Funeral, November 24, 2018

These words were Jim's final message to the people he loved, read by his sister-in-law Sue Green during his funeral Mass at Holy Wisdom Monastery, Madison, Wisconsin, November 24, 2018.


No Regrets-All Gratitude-Jim 9-19-18

(Keep your sense of humor)

  1. To my brother, sisters (including Lu Lu), nieces, nephews, great-nieces and -nephews, I could not have asked for more.  Bill and I are so grateful for all your love and support.
  2. To my AA family. Thanks for keeping me honest and sober. Sobriety is the greatest gift I could ever receive, without it nothing. Gratitute is key.
  3. To Integrity/Dignity-Madison. We’re been going since 1977. A truly Eucharistic community which has never given up our Ecumenical calling and mission.
  4. To Holy Wisdom Monastery.  We started coming here regularly in 1994. Again, Ecumenism with special emphasis on women’s gifts to the church. GLBT persons have felt especially welcomed. Solidarity Sunday has been very special.  Now it is especially heartwarming to see the Sisters’ Community thriving. The addition of our newest members has been an absolute delight. Congratulations Sisters!
  5. To Lynn Lemberger.  You have been there for so many of us. You are the most patient choir director I have ever known. Your gifts of understanding, hospitality and compassion for others as well as a good sense of humor are what we have seen. We’ve developed awesome new friendships throughout the Sunday Assembly. It is easy to smile among such loving people.  Judy Collins, your puns finally did me in. The aprons you made proved I never really lost my appetite. Rip would be so proud of you
  6. To DignityUSA. Bill and I have been to every bi-ennial DignityUSA convention since 1981.  DignityUSA has been our salvation.  We have sat in on most of the convention board meetings and have witnessed the Spirit working within this faith community over periods of extreme stress and violence toward our community.  Then the Spirit sends us Marianne Duddy-Burke, executive director. This professional woman has effectively taken on the institution in defense of our Catholic GLBT sisters and brothers and we are so proud to have her, together with an especially gifted B.O.D.
  7. Finally to my “Canary” Bill.  Opposites often do attract. We didn’t make it 48 ½ years because we always agreed with one another. We made it because we loved one another unconditionally.  How blessed I was to have Bill, to have and to hold all the days of my life.  Our Teddies helped us through many of rough times and now they must help my beloved “canary”.  My love will be with you forever.  Jim