DignityUSA Challenges Dominican Cardinal on Anti-Gay Remarks

Below is the text of a letter sent in English and Spanish to Cardinal Nicolas de Jesus Lopez Rodriguez challenging his slurs against the US Ambassador to the Dominican Republic, a married gay man. 


December 3, 2015



His Eminence Cardinal Nicolás de Jesús López Rodríguez
Archdiocese of Santo Domingo
Arzibispado, Apartado 186
Calle Isabel la Católica 55
Santo Domingo, República Dominicana


Your Eminence,

On behalf of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Catholics and our allies in the United States, I am writing to object, in the strongest possible language, to your recent remarks calling US Ambassador James Brewster a “wife” who should “stick to housework.” These comments are disparaging to a fine public servant, insulting on many levels, and entirely unworthy of a Church official.

We call for an immediate apology to Mr. Brewster, to his husband, and to the people of the Dominican Republic and the United States. In addition, we are deeply concerned that your personal attitudes towards gay and transgender people are contributing to the discrimination and isolation experienced by many LGBT people in the Dominican Republic, and causing stress for many families among those you are called to shepherd. We strongly urge you to meet with members of the LGBT community in Santo Domingo and their families. The stories they share with you should demonstrate that these are individuals who deserve respectful accompaniment on their journey, support in overcoming social oppression, and ministry that honors their dignity.

We urge you to use this moment as an opportunity to heal divisions in our Church and our world.


Marianne Duddy-Burke

Executive Director