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Online Liturgies in the COVID-19 era

Since many in the Dignity community are in groups considered high risk if they contract the corona COVID-19 virus, the Board and staff are urging everyone to follow public health and other official directives for your area. Please reach out to friends and community members, especially those who may be isolated. A phone call from you may really brighten someone’s day!

To help people stay connected with Dignity, two of our Chapters are making their liturgies accessible to Dignity members and friends across the country. We hope you will consider joining.

Dignity/New York Liturgies

Dignity/New York hosts a virtual liturgy starting at 6:30 PM every Sunday.  At 7:00 PM, they will pause to thank the Essential Workers and invites everyone who attends the liturgy to do so.  The meeting room will open at 6:00 PM.  To receive the weekly worship aid, be added to our distribution list or ask a question, email us OnlinePrayer@dignityny.org 

Please consider a donation to DignityUSA, Dignity/New York or to your local community.

Your generosity will ensure our communities will continue to provide critical services and life-changing support in the months ahead.

We are using Zoom for our Dignity/New York Online Liturgy and member sponsored events. 

Don’t miss a minute of our events!  If you need help email ZoomHelp@DignityNY.org, our members are ready to help you get up and running.

Dignity/Washington Liturgies

In this time of physical distancing, Dignity/Washington invites you to celebrate Mass with us virtually. We will continue to produce a Mass for each Sunday while we are unable to meet in person to celebrate with LGBTQ Catholics around the country.   

Mass each week is made with contributions from Dignity members around the US and following safe procedures. Each Sunday, the Mass will be posted online to our Dignity/Washington Facebook Page and our Dignity/Washington YouTube by 10 AM. 

With this reach, we want to showcase all the chapters of DignityUSA in different ways for as long as we are doing services in this way. We want our weekly Masses not to just be Dignity/Washington, but also other chapters. If you are willing to contribute as a reader for a service please reach out to christopherflow@gmail.com. We will also be reaching out to chapters to showcase what you are doing where possible. 

We look forward to celebrating and worshiping with you.