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Forward from 50 – Our New Logo

With 2019’s celebration of our 50 years and 50 years since Stonewall still reverberating through our movement, DignityUSA turns to the future with a new forward-looking logo to communicate our image to the world.  Our past logo and its tagline, in use prior to the special 50th anniversary logo, did not encompass the fullness of the DignityUSA community. 

The challenge for logo designer, Chuck Provancher, a member of Dignity Boston and designer of our special 50th logo, was to “symbolize and summarize” DignityUSA and communicate boldly in the environments where people access information now -- more often on phones, tablets and even watches than on computer screens or paper. 

In planning the project, Provancher advised: “The logos that are easiest to read at a small size typically use bold typography, simple graphics and a limited color palette, usually without a tagline.”

The new logo is a simple, stylized, slightly angled cross, a modern take on the Christian symbol, reflecting DignityUSA’s progressive Catholicism. The “D” shape stands for “Dignity.”  The color palette includes dark blue and lavender (similar to the old logo) with the addition of light blue and orange.  The all-capitalized name implies strength and easily accommodates a chapter or caucus name below it.

Watch the DignityUSA communication channels – website, social media, newsletters, printed materials and more, for the transition to the new logo.  And maybe coffee mugs?