The following history is based on the commemorative booklet entitled DignityUSA at 25: A Chronology, 1969-1994 compiled by former DignityUSA President Pat Roche. Copies are available from the Dignity national office and were also printed in the Dignity Journal 27:2-3 (Autumn 1995). Highlights from 1995-Present compiled by former Dignity Vice President Pat McArron.

  • The January issue of the national newsletter reports that Sister Jeannine Gramick and Father Bob Nugent have received a $38,000 grant for a two-year sociological study of the "coming out process and coping strategies of gay women." The study will involve confidential, in-depth interviews with 100 women in the Washington-Baltimore area.

  • The 3-year old publication, INSIGHT, distinguishes itself with Sr. Jeannine Gramick and Edward Prucha listed as editors and contributing writers include Brian McNaught, John McNeill, Louie Crew and Robert Nugent. The byline for the publication changes to read "A Quarterly of Lesbian/Gay Christian Opinion."

  • The January newsletter also announces that the logo submitted by Jeff Godshall from Dignity/Detroit is chosen as the official logo for Dignity. (This logo was used until 2000 with the only change being the addition of "/USA" to form the "DignityUSA" logo. The typestyle and look remained the same as submitted by Jeff in late 1978.)

  • The January newsletter also publishes guidelines for the use of inclusive language in liturgy.

  • The March/April national newsletter announces that Deenie Dudley of Atlanta has been elected the first woman Regional Director of Dignity.

  • In August, the Dutch hierarchy publishes a discussion document rejecting social discrimination against homosexual people called Homosexual People in Society. New Ways Ministry translates the document and publishes it in English.

  • In October, Dignity banners greet Pope John Paul II at every stop in his six-city tour of the United States.

  • On October 14, the National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights includes a contingent of 350 Dignity members representing 27 chapters.

  • On November 13, DignityUSA executive officers meet in Washington DC with members of the Bishops Liaison Committee with Priests, Religious and Laity.

  • On December 19, Frank Scheuren, Troy Perry and representatives of the National Gay Task Force and the Gay Rights National Lobby present nationwide petitions for Gay Rights legislation to President Jimmy Carter’s representatives at the White House.