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Transcending Boundaries Conference a Success

Peggy Burns at Transcending BoundariesThe Transcending Boundaries Conference (TBC) is a convention in the northeast United States for the bisexual community: genderqueer; transgender; intersex and polyamorous people; their family, friends, and straight allies.

This year’s Conference was held in Connecticut during the weekend of April 4-6. DignityUSA was a Conference sponsor and I attended and staffed an information table.

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Equally Blessed hails laity's willingness to move beyond bishops' "insensitive and uniformed" teaching


WASHINGTON, D. C., November 8, 2011--The majority of American Catholics disagree with the teachings of their bishops on sexual issues so often that it is a wonder that the news media continues to speak of the Catholic Church’s position on a given issue when what they really mean is the position of the Catholic hierarchy.

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Transgender Discussion List

The purpose of this list is to provide an opportunity for transgender individuals within DignityUSA to explore questions about issues of spirituality and acceptance both within DignityUSA and the society as a whole. We hope, given the relatively small numbers of transgender persons in the world, that being able to network with each other by way of this list will help in the establishment of a sense of community between transgender members of DignityUSA. We also hope it serves as a resource for DignityUSA as a whole to find out information about being transgender.

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