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Announcing the DignityUSA $5-50-500-5,000 Campaign

February 19, 2019


Dear Friend,

On this fiftieth day of 2019, we in DignityUSA are proud to kick off a new phase of our 50th anniversary celebration! Since 1969, we have been a voice of affirmation, advocacy, and pride for LGBTQI Catholics and allies within our Church and in society. We are grateful for the support of our members and friends over these last 50 years. Today, as much as ever before, our Church and our world need the voice and presence of Dignity. We know you agree.

The board, staff, and volunteers of DignityUSA continue to confront harmful messages within our Church about LGBTQI people. Last year alone, we provided support to over a dozen Church employees fired for being who they are or for whom they married. We continue to lift up a positive voice of LGBTQI Catholics in the media, ensuring that our message of justice and inclusivity is heard. Our national office continues to support local communities and caucuses of Dignity. Last summer, your support brought twenty-five young leaders together for visioning and community-building, helping to ensure our future. DignityUSA has also become a leader around the world. In January, we sent six pilgrims to World Youth Day in Panama to be a visible witness for LGBTQI inclusion at this high-profile Vatican event. In July, we will host the Global Network of Rainbow Catholics in Chicago—an organization in which Dignity is a significant leader. At home and around the world, we are building bridges and leading others to a future of faith and hope.

As we embark on our next 50 years, we know the challenges and the work ahead of us remain great. All of us, working together, will continue to make a difference in our Church and society. We can only begin to imagine the results our efforts might produce 50 years from now. We enthusiastically invite you to learn about some of the important projects DignityUSA is currently undertaking and ask you to consider offering support to one or more project by pledging a financial gift. This unique, one-time opportunity runs through September 30, 2019. However, if you wish to be listed in the commemorative 50th anniversary program, we ask that you make your pledge no later than April 25, 2019. Whether you are able to give $5 or $5,000, your gift brings the mission of DignityUSA to life. To make your gift, please visit https://dignityusa.org/page/5-50-500-5000-page or send a check to DignityUSA – 50 and Forward, PO Box 376, Medford, MA 02155.

Thank you for being a partner and friend in the important work of lifting up the wholeness and holiness of LGBTQI Catholics.

With gratitude,

DignityUSA Development Committee

Sam Albano, Indianapolis, IN

Chris Cappiello, Los Angeles, CA

Frank D’Amore, Detroit, MI

Shawn Miller, Akron, OH

Patricia Russell, New York, NY

Patty Striker, Dayton, OH


DignityUSA 50 and Forward Initiatives

Growing Future Leaders

 This fund will help us identify, mentor, and train future leaders so that DignityUSA can remain vibrant for generations to come.


Witnessing to the World

DignityUSA has been a leader at the Global Network of Rainbow Catholics, a witness at World Youth Day, and a voice of conscience at the World Meeting of Families. Contributions to this fund allow us to welcome our international colleagues to Chicago this summer, to continue this witness at events around the world, and to continue growing our international movement.


Growing Our Capacity

DignityUSA does great work, but we know there is so much more we can do to advance our mission and serve our members. Contributions to this fund will allow us to create new programs, strengthen existing ones and hire the best people to lead those efforts.


Preserving Our History

This fund supports the work of preserving important moments and people on video, on audio, and through documents from our fifty years to preserve our history for future generations.


Securing Our Future: Pat Nidorf Endowment Fund

The Pat Nidorf Endowment Fund will be used to increase our reserves leaving a secure financial future to those who come after us.


Refreshing Our Brand

DignityUSA seeks to engage branding expertise to create new images and marketing to more effectively communicate our mission and activities.


Supporting Vital Needs

DignityUSA always gratefully accepts contributions to our general fund to be applied to our areas of greatest need. We always strive to use our funding responsibly and in a way that advances our mission.